April 28, 2020

Questions About Dental Implants

By admin

When it comes to our teeth, dental implants are probably the last thing that many of us believe they will ever have to get.  As children we are told to take care of our teeth, and in many cases where we do, we still have issues later in life.  In many cases this can be due to heredity or genetic.  In many families everyone just has bad teeth and it is something that they need to deal with.  However, no matter what the reason if you need to get new teeth, then a dental implant charleston clinic is a great place to go and find your dental solutions.

How old should I be to get implant?

There is no golden age to get implants.  You want to keep your natural teeth as long as you possibly can.  However, as we get older and our bodies change, we need to take action to ensure that our teeth are well.  If this means getting implants, then that is what you need to do.

As far as age, it doesn’t really matter.  As long as your bones are strong, and your jaw can support the implants you should be able to get them.  Again, you will want to consult with your doctor before getting implants but there aren’t any age restrictions.

How will dental implants improve my life?

The main reason implants exist is to help improve your life.  When we have bad teeth, it is amazing how hard things that we used to take for granted quickly become.  When we get implants they will look and act like normal teeth.  Once they heal and they are adjusted to fit perfectly in your mouth, then it will be as if you have your original teeth back.

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Dental implants will never take the place of regular teeth, however, they are a great option for those that have bad teeth, no teeth or just somewhere in between.