April 27, 2020

Managing A Business

By admin

A business is a living creature that needs to be run in a specific way in order to be successful.  When it comes to companies such as pharmacies where we are dealing with medications and other chemicals, having a pharmacy inventory system in place is a vital tool for your success.

Inventory control

Inventory control is where you can determine if you are making a profit or taking a loss.  If we don’t know where we are in what we are selling or offering, then you are already starting at a disadvantage. 

Inventory reorder

When we look at our inventory control measure, we need to set a threshold as to what and when to reorder.  This threshold will tell us what is selling, what is not selling, what will sell in the future and more.  If we don’t have this threshold and monitor when things leave the shelves, we can be putting money into areas that will get the best return.

Waves of demand

Demand comes in waves.  At certain times of the year you will need to have specific medications and other products.  When these waves are going to hit you want to ensure that you are ready for them. 


In today’s world an emergency can pop up without notice.  When working with your inventory you will want to consider having an emergency stockpile of a specific item.  This inventory will also hold up on your cash flow, however, it can pay off if managed and handled correctly.  Having a great inventory system will ensure that these emergencies are supported.

pharmacy inventory system

Customer service

With your business you want to have great customer service.  You want to get inventory to your customers quickly, have a date and time when the product will be available and much more.  When it comes to any business having a great customer relationship will determine success or failure, regardless of any inventory system you have.